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Vicoma sees EPCm orders increase overall

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For more and more projects Vicoma is also responsible for EPCm (Engineering, Procurement and Construction management). Unburdening customers by keeping the complete design, preparation and execution in one – expert – hand. Moreover, essential knowledge from the preliminary phase is not lost.

EPCm contracts are gaining in popularity, both in brownfield and greenfield projects. Vicoma anticipated this development by investing in capable EPCm managers. Engineering, Procurement, Construction management is now a fully-fledged discipline at Vicoma. With all the advantages this brings for clients who choose this option. From the first feasibility study, through design, purchasing and expediting, right up to mechanical completion, Vicoma is the central link in the project. One that directs, coordinates and gathers the best specialists in the team for all activities within EPCm. Activities that are usually not part of the client’s competency.

An important advantage of EPCm is not only that customers can continue to focus on their core business. Vicoma also chooses to keep lead engineers, responsible for engineering, involved in the construction of the project. This gives a customer maximum certainty that the project will be completed to 100% satisfaction.