Vicoma contributes to realising CO2 capture installation at AVR Skip to content

Vicoma contributes to realising CO2 capture installation at AVR

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Erik Wilbrink

Erik Wilbrink

Senior Designer Mechanical – Groningen

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AVR Duiven asked us to design a flue gas pipe for the new capture plant that captures a huge amount of CO2 from the waste-to-energy plant. Vicoma took this on from various locations and realised a design that was as light as possible.

Project: development of CO2 capture plant from waste

In order to capture CO2 from waste incineration, new branches had to be made to the existing chimney. This will allow the flue gases released during the incineration process to be captured. These flue gases are transported via a flue gas duct to the new CO2 installation where the CO2 is captured. The remainder of the flue gases is then returned to the chimney via a return pipe. AVR is the first waste energy company in the Netherlands with a large-scale CO2 capture installation.

Vicoma’s role: designing the flue gas pipe and pipe bridge

Our engineers worked on the branches of the existing chimney and the new flue gas pipe. They also designed the steel structure to support the branches and the flue gas duct. The locations of the expansion bellows were chosen so that we could make a design that was as light as possible. But the new connections to the existing chimneys had weakened them. Therefore, these were calculated through and we gave advice on how to reinforce them. We carried out the assignment for AVR from various Vicoma locations.

Result: first large-scale CO2 capture installation

For this project we maintained close contact with the customer, but also internally between the various branches. We are proud to have been able to contribute to the first large-scale CO2 capture installation in the Netherlands. This is expected to allow 60 kilotonnes of CO2 to be captured and recycled per year at AVR Duiven.

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