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Energy & Waste

We make a valuable contribution to making production processes and buildings more sustainable.

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Energy & Waste according to Vicoma

The way we deal with energy and waste as businesses is quite in transition. As an energy & waste consultancy and engineering firm, Vicoma plays an active role in the development of innovative energy systems and circularity of waste streams. Designing a sustainable energy installation, optimising waste processing or distributing high voltage: our engineers get to the bottom of things. By asking sharp questions we come up with clear advice, leading to innovative and efficient solutions. Good for your business and our planet.

Flexible, versatile consultancy & engineering office

At Vicoma, we are challenged every day with technical issues in energy generation, distribution and grid management. Another challenge besides handling waste is the circular reuse of waste. As an engineering firm, we have a wide range of services and disciplines. Our engineers work throughout the Netherlands to devise and improve processes and installations. That doesn’t mean a different face every time, we work with permanent teams who know everything about your business processes. No matter what kind of energy project or waste management project it is, we manage it.

Vicoma’s areas of work in energy:

  • Engineering of secondary installations for energy distribution systems
  • Designing steel and civil constructions
  • Engineering for energy production and distribution
  • Engineering for incineration plants
  • Engineering for sustainable waste processing
  • Reuse of waste, waste streams and energy surpluses

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Energy & Waste

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