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Suspected asbestos-containing gaskets in compressed air system

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Rudy Van Der Kolk

Rudy van der Kolk

Team Leader Piping – Velsen

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During a project at Den Helder Naval Base, the suspicion arose that some of the gaskets in the compressed air system could contain asbestos. Since asbestos is considered dangerous to people’s health and direct contact should always be avoided, immediate action was required.

About the project: suspected asbestos-containing gaskets

The aim of the project was to identify precisely in which buildings the gaskets had been installed, which possibly asbestos in the system. To find that out, a team of experts surveyed the pipes and mapped the flange connection locations. The asbestos reports that were available were then incorporated into the drawings to give a comprehensive picture of the situation.

Vicoma’s role: identify

The Vicoma team’s task was to carry out the pipe inspection and process the obtained data into a complete drawings package. Not only was expertise important in this project, but also clear communication. In some places, for example, access to the pipes was far from easy. Cooperating closely with a man guard was therefore essential to guarantee the safety during inspection. At locations where the pipes were not visible, the team was able to make an accurate based on the available drawings.

Result: completed successfully and on schedule

The job was completed successfully and on schedule: quickly, clearly and expertly. Thanks to the drawings package, Den Helder Naval Base is now able to prepare a thorough risk assessment and link specific procedures for sampling or replacing parts that contain asbestos. The ultimate aim, of course, is to lower the health risks for the staff.

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