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Successful pipeline route conversion at AkzoNobel Coatings

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Rudy Van Der Kolk

Rudy van der Kolk

Team Leader Piping – Velsen

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The pipes in the existing route at AkzoNobel Coatings in Sassenheim were in need of replacement. Vicoma was asked to conduct a study to assess how these pipes could be replaced with minimal downtime.

About the project: replacement with minimal downtime

Vicoma created a design using a 3D laser scan. The existing pipe bridge was rather full, making it quite a puzzle to determine the optimal route for the new pipes. To ensure minimal downtime, the conversion was carried out in two steps. In the first phase, the new pipes were installed between the existing pipes in the first section of the route. Half of the pipes were then removed and replaced with new ones. After this, the same process was repeated for section two of the route.

Vicoma’s role: study and detail engineering

Vicoma has the necessary knowledge and experience to successfully perform a 3D scan and 3D study. The project manager provided the client with updates and a spectrum of choices, supported by essential information, enabling AkzoNobel to make informed decisions for the project. Based on the study and consultation, Vicoma then produced a detailed engineering design for the conversion. Each stage of the project was clearly outlined, taking into careful consideration the specific requirements established by the client. Conversion in two stages proved to be the best solution to ensure short lead times and minimal operational interruptions.

Result: AkzoNobel succesfully realises replacement

The project was successful from start to finish, and the party carrying out the work was also pleased with the documentation provided. Thorough preparation and clear communication facilitated a smooth conversion with minimal downtime. AkzoNobel Coatings in Sassenheim now has a new pipeline route in operation that will provide trouble-free service for years to come.

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