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Pilot plant HIsarna: more environmentally friendly iron production

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HIsarna, a compound of the Old Celtic words for iron (Isarna) and smelting vessel (HIsmelt), is a breakthrough technology for producing liquid hot metal. The technology reduces CO2 emissions by at least 20% compared to traditional steel production methods. During the process, powdered raw materials are converted directly to liquid hot metal.

Project: pilot plant

To test this technology, a pilot plant was built in 2010. Several upgrades have been implemented since then to develop the technology further, so that steel can be produced using this method.

Vicoma’s role: involved in various sub-projects

The project is extremely complex. Over the past months, the project team has been constantly implementing improvements. Vicoma was involved in various sub-projects, such as designing, calculating and drawing components, scanning for clearance control, and the reporting for safety projects.

For a number of changes, Vicoma assessed whether safety was permanently guaranteed. For example, an anchoring beam was designed in consultation with the contractor to ensure that climbers could descend into the metallurgic furnace safely to carry out their maintenance work. When moving or removing heavy components, Vicoma took care of calculating and designing the lifting equipment.

There were moments when unexpected situations called for swift action. After a storm, the project team found that one of the chimneys near a filter house was moving back and forth more than before. Vicoma rushed to the site for a closer look and ascertained that the concerning movement was being caused by corrosion in the structure. The team quickly made arrangements with the client and another performing party to analyse the structure and draft a plan to restore it to the required strength.

Result: improved and safe pilot plant

Several teams worked closely together for an extended period, resulting in a pilot plant that underwent regular improvements and remained safe.

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