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Vicoma helps build revolutionary bioscience project

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Aart Den Dunen

Aart den Dunnen

Manager Operations

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An ambitious environmental project, Renescience, is being built in Northwich (in the north-west), UK. Household waste is the raw material for biomass and biogas. The principle is revolutionary: enzymes that ensure the organic fraction is separated from the solid fraction.

Project: filtering waste

Renescience is now also being applied by VDL ETG Projects in the realisation of one of the world’s first processing plants. The enzymes used are of natural origin. They know how to deal with different types of waste, as long as organic substances make up the majority. Eventually, after treatment and filtering, the solid fraction remaining is so clean that plastics and metals can be recovered – using conventional techniques – without any problems. The project is challenging mainly because of its size: 15 tonnes of waste must be processed per hour.

Vicoma’s role: deployment of multidisciplinary team

Initially Vicoma was contracted for piping work in particular. In the end, a complete multidisciplinary team from Vicoma worked on this project, including process and structural engineering. The mechanical engineering team also took care of the layout engineering of the entire installation. The new equipment was classified in the most effective and practical way. Our team also took care of the specification of the required equipment, design of conveyor belts and transport screws, subcontracting, selection of suppliers, quotation evaluations, production and purchase supervision.

Result: successful processing plant

The Renesience processing plant has been successfully built in the UK. Through clean processing of domestic waste and conversion to biomass and biogas, this revolutionary project contributes to a cleaner environment.

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