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Electron ETG: from end-of-life plastic to Hydrogen

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Hydrogen Utopia International (HUI) recently engaged the services of Electron ETG to manufacture a new skid. The pyrolysis process plays an essential role in this and Electron has the specific knowledge and expertise that is needed for the job. Because the company’s own staffing capacity was in short supply, Electron contacted Vicoma to take over the engineering of the installation. Vicoma handled the basic design for the project and also provided its own specific knowledge about the system.

About the project

The project involves manufacturing a new skid. The aim is to have a system in place that uses pyrolysis to convert End-Of -life (EOL) plastics into different usable substances, for instance hydrogen. The pyrolysis installation basically converts plastics which are collected as waste into gases that can be reused. It is a process that is based on an existing principle and will be further optimised. This requires specific knowledge of the pyrolysis process, which Electron has in house. Vicoma adds its own competences through the engineering and its specialist knowledge of the installation.

Vicoma’s role: feasibility study and basic engineering

Vicoma conducted a feasibility study, which in broad lines involved taking a structured look at the technical workability and ascertaining if the intended goal can be achieved. Our specialists established the guiding principles by preparing a PFD, PID, Heat & Mass Balance, and process description. Based on this data, they then drew up the basic engineering package. The documents were prepared by engineers of the Piping, Process, Equipment, Instrumentation, Electrical, Civil, Mechanical and Project Management departments. The basic engineering package was reviewed both by the client and the end customer.

Result: client satisfied with the cooperation between Electron and Vicoma

The end customer has been sent a complete basic engineering package and uses it as a guideline for contractors and suppliers. The required equipment has since been requested from the specialist suppliers and the quotes have been evaluated. The client is very satisfied with how Electron and Vicoma worked together and plans to also involve Vicoma in part of the detail engineering during the project’s follow-up stage.

Customer says of the collaboration: “I am very happy with the progress that Electron and its engineering design subcontractor, Vicoma, have made in developing this new system for making syngas from waste materials. We look forward to the testing phase and ultimately to the development of the system for on-site installation.” Keith Riley, director of HUI

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